February 22, 2013


Sprint has announced that it will be the first U.S. carrier to release Jelly Bean 4.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The over-the-air updates have already started, with users receiving a notification on how to update on their phone.
The reason Jelly Bean has garnered so much attention is due to several, well-known features like Google Talk, Project Butter and expandable notifications.
While these features are great, there are a few other lesser known featuresthat should also be mentioned.

Blink Check for Face Unlock

Face Unlock is already available on the Galaxy S III, but Jelly Bean has added new security features to it, including 'Liveness check'. This new feature requires the user to blink their eyes in order to unlock the phone, which combats the previous version that could be easily fooled by a picture of the user.
To enable Face Unlock, go to Settings -> Security -> Screen lock -> Face Unlock and follow the onscreen instructions to setup facial recognition. To enable Liveness check, go to Settings -> Security -> Liveness check.

Camera and Video Live Filters

Since the rise of Instagram, filters have become synonymous with camera photography. Applications strictly for filters have flourished in the market—I personally have about three right now. With the new update, Jelly Bean has integrated filters right into the built-in camera app, including warm vintage, posterize, black and white, and sepia.
The filters are also available to use while recording video.

Pause and Resume Videos

Another new feature to the video recorder is the ability to pause and resume. This allows the user to weave together multiple video clips and seamlessly edit them together, all in the comfort of the usual camera interface.

Wi-Fi Only Connects to Strong Signal

This new interesting feature allows the phone to only connect to a strong Wi-Fi signal, only when the automatic connection option is turned on.
What this does is allow the phone to run at full potential at all times, as opposed to having lag and a slow connection.

Better Security

This update will bring address space layout randomization, or ASLR to Android for the first time ever. ASLR randomizes the locations where memory is kept, thus making it harder for hackers to exploit.
The hackers won't know where to send any bug exploits, as opposed to before when they knew where everyone was supposed to be saved.

Other Notable Mentions

  • Users will be able to wirelessly mirror their phone screen to any HDTV or HDMI display ( supports licensed content playback of premium TV and movies).
  • NFC One Touch Pairing Support pairs Galaxy S III with supporting accessories with just a single touch.
  • This Easter Egg.



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