February 22, 2013

Download New Version Micromax MMX 3G USB Modem Manager

Here the latest software version for Micromax 3G USB modem manager. The new Micromax 3G USB modem driver application comes with new features like USSD option which enable you to check your data balance or credit balance in app while you running internet.
The Micromax MMX 3G USB Modem Manager Version 5.381 also provides a new M! Apps option which special service by Micromax. In this M! Apps you can use special free application by Micromax like Zenga Live TV, Facebook, Cricket, Yahoo mail, Yahoo Pulse, Flickr, Nazara Comic Zone, Microamer Internet Radio, Money Control, Yahoo Finance, Just Dial, etc.

You can send or receive SMS using the app and access your SIM contacts. You also can select the network mode for either HSPA/UMTS or EDGE/GPRS and you also can leave it for auto. The Micromax MMX 3G USB Modem Manager application shows your all internet volume statistics for send an received data. It show total volume, Max and average data rate. It support mostly Micromax MMX 3G USB modems like MMX310G and others.

Download Micromax MMX 3G USB Modem Manager:
Micromax MMX 3G USB Modem Manager.exe (1.8 MB)


john smith said...

Micromax has launched 144f ferrari opus micromax usb modem ferrari branded, with plug and play functionality that connects to the network instantly without any tedious process like driver installation or manual configuration.

suman said...

Thanks for sharing useful information
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