February 21, 2013


A hacker has released an unofficial patch for the PlayStation 3, reviving the OtherOS feature removed by Sony with the 3.21 firmware, according to a report. No, it is not Geohot this time round. This new version of the OtherOS, released by a hacker named Graf Chokolo, is enhanced is called OtherOS++ and allows Linux to be installed on the console. According to the hacker, the enhancements include "read/write anything in PS3 RAM" and possibility of "HV hacking".

Security experts believe that the removal of OtherOS may have been the main reason why many hackers got interested in hacking into the PS3. You can find out more at Graf Chokolo's website.

Update: The update patch has been removed from the website because Sony has allegedly asked it to be taken down.



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