February 22, 2013


Apple may have failed spectacularly in delivering the white iPhone 4 they promised at launch and then several times later but it seems they have decided to make up in the form of a white iPad 2. According to these images by 9to5 Mac, the iPad 2 definitely seems to have a white colored model in its range, as once the iPhone 4 did. You can see the hole for the front facing camera at the top of the display, along with a smaller one for the ambient light sensor. The backside also reveals the connectors for the multi-touch capacitive touchscreen.

For those have just crawled out from under a particularly ancient rock from the far end of a Himalayan cave, and have no idea what the iPad 2 is, it is the successor to Apple s wildly popular tablet and will be publicly revealed for the first time on the 2nd of March, two days from today. It is expected to be thinner and lighter than the current iPad, have a more powerful processor and more RAM and will have a front facing camera for FaceTime. And now, from the looks of it, a white colored version as well. 
White iPad 2

White iPad 2



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