February 21, 2013


A sure sign of progress and prosperity is not just the certainty of being able to fulfill one’s aspirations, it is also being able to get what you desire sooner in life.
Today, many young Indians are moving into their first homes at an earlier age than their parents and they no longer have to save for years to afford their first television set, refrigerator and car. In keeping with this trend, the launch of Cube Air Conditioner as India’s first truly affordable split air conditioner will make the dream of many Indians to own a split air conditioner a reality.


Cube Air Conditioner
Despite the huge technological challenges, the project team-aided by the Panasonic Japan Research Team scored a few breakthroughs. Determined to deliver strong air-flow (CFM 635) and fast-cooling with low noise level, they have redesigned a new diagonal propeller fan for the indoor unit. The newly improved shape of blade enhances aero-dynamics and reduces noise level. Added to this, the bigger area intake grill with a wider air discharge delivers better airflow for fast cooling effect. The result is Cube Air Conditioner, a compact, energy-efficient, high-performer with a sleek and stylish design that looks equally attractive whether it’s mounted close to the ceiling or at the window level.

High performing Air Conditioner
Panasonic Technologies Making life more enjoyable
As the world leader ineco friendly technologies, Panasonic has been producing the most energy efficient products above industry averages. We are contributing to the spread of nature friendly products by not only increasing the number of products with industry leading energy-efficiency, but also phasing out those with low energy-saving performance. Like all Panasonic products, Cube Air Conditioner was created by Panasonic in line with the Panasonic Group’s commitment to be ”a green innovation company with global perspective.” Put simply, this means promoting lifestyles with virtually zero carbon-di-oxide emissions throughout the world as well as pursuing a business practice that minimizes the use of resources and energy. With water-saving, power - saving and long-lasting features, our futuristic range of air conditioner, are not only designed to meet all your needs but leave the world a greener place for the future generations.

Reclaim your window to enjoybreathtaking views!
Poised to revolutionize the market, the Cube Air Conditioner is designed not just to free up window space in Indian homes but expand the lifestyle aspirations of many proud home owners. Developed specially for India, Cube AirConditioner is a culmination of many months’ work by the special Panasonic multinational project team based at Panasonic’s regional air conditioning manufacturing planting Malaysia -with valuable inputs from the company’s Japan Research Team and support from Panasonic India. Even more important, it was developed after extensive and exhaustive lifestyle research, household visits, market surveys, focus group discussions and product trials that were carried out throughout India to identify and understand the expectations of Indian consumers. Many Indian families voted fast-cooling as their top priority followed by high energy efficiency to keep their electricity costs low. The result is Cube Split Air Conditioner, a compact, energy-efficient, high performer with a sleek and stylish design. The development of Cube Air Conditioner was also the result of Matsushita’s strong belief in Tap Water Philosophy. ”We aim to produce affordable air conditioners and make them readily available for every home just like water coming from tap” says Project Leader A. Silvaraju, who is also the Executive Director of Panasonic HA Air Conditioning manufacturing plant in Malaysia. ”Now, everybody can own a split air conditioner.”

The Panasonic Cube Air Conditioners are available in the MRP range of Rs. 15,490 to Rs. 18,990 for their 1.25 Ton to 1.5 Ton models.


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