February 22, 2013

SwiftKey 4 update brings ‘Flow’ feature, improved word predictions and support for more languages : Tech Rival

SwiftKey, the popular keyboard software for Android devices that replaces the default keyboard, has been updated to version 4 bringing with it a myriad of new features. The biggest feature addition is SwiftKey Flow, a feature that lets a user type a sentence in one gesture without having to pause or lift a finger.
The Flow system also incorporates a feature called ‘flow through space’ wherein the software automatically inserts a space after every word. What this allows a user to do is type out an entire sentence without having to lift one’s finger between words. The latest version also has an improved word prediction algorithm with an improved auto-correct and an improved ability to learn the user’s typing style to improve key-strike accuracy. Furthermore, the app has included support for new languages taking the number of languages supported to 60, which includes Hindi and Hinglish.
SwiftKey 4 is available on the Google Play Store in two versions— for the phone and for the tablet. As a part of the promotions, the app is being sold at Rs 50, which is half the normal price for a limited time.



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