March 14, 2013

HTC One Developer Edition confirmed for release, Unlocked Bootloader and SIM Slot included

HTC One Developer Edition to be available from $650
HTC confirmed that the HTC One smartphone will have a Developer Edition that will be available with an unlocked bootloader and SIM slot.
The Developer Edition of the HTC One packs the same hardware components as the standard HTC One version. The bootloader comes unlocked as well as the SIM slot. Also, HTC says that since the SIM slot is unlocked, the radio frequencies of the HTC One developer edition are the ones used most often in the United States. More info can be found at the HTC blog page here.
HTC One Developer Edition is a device that will be used for android applications and software development, which means that all developers will be able to easily create any applications for this device. This device will pack the same specs as the original HTC One: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, front-facing stereo speakers, two dual-membrane microphones for recording, multiple radio frequency compatibility, the full HD 1080p screen which is one of the best displays currently on the market. Those who want to buy this device will find that the price tag for US residents is set at $649.
This will be a device that won’t be available in large numbers and you should be prepared to pre-order HTC One when it will be available. Do you plan on buying one or you want to purchase the original HTC One with a locked bootloader and SIM Slot.
Remember that the unlocked bootloader status means that you will be able to root and install custom ROMs much more easier than you would do on a model with locked bootloader. All these news are coming straight from HTC and we will have more info in the next few days.
There is no official release date for the HTC One Developer Edition but we can guesstimate that it will be available starting with April 2013.



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