March 8, 2013

HTC One Release Date In Singapore Is March 9

HTC One_Silver_3V
The mobile market in Singapore is very interesting as the people there have very high knowledge when it comes to mobile devices. There are many manufacturers that sell their products in Singapore, but the market is pretty much dominated by the two giants Samsung and Apple.
Of course, it’s hard to compete with the two companies, but one can try. For instance, HTC has a chance to make a good impression with its latest flagship, the HTC One. I’m not saying that it will surpass the rivals when it comes to sold units, but it could be comparable at least.
The possible customers from Singapore should know that the HTC One is about to be launched at the IT Show 2013, which is hold starting today [until March 10, in Marina Bay Sands. The individuals eager to see the announcement event have the possibility to go there and witness it, but the HTC One will be available for purchase as of Saturday.
However, it seems that this is not actually the official launch held by HTC. The reason why the HTC One is becoming available so early is because a few local carriers like M1 and SingTel are in hurry to offer the handset, but only with a contract. According to Cnet Asia, the Taiwanese company will officially release the HTC One later this month.
However, it doesn’t matter when the official event will take place as long as you can grab the smartphone in advance. So, if you are not interested in buying the off-contract version of the HTC One, you are free to make a plan with any of the mentioned mobile operators.



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