March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Be Upgraded: 2,400 mAh Battery and Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S3 Plus
As we are getting closer to the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date, new rumors are speaking about a revamped version of the old flagship smartphone. Eldar Murtazin, the Russian blogger from, has announced on Twitter that the South Korea-based phone maker has a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the works. Samsung has made a habit out of upgrading its old models and launch them as Plus variants, so the rumor has its dose of credibility.
According to Eldar Murtazin, at least three of the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs will receive an improvement. First of all, it seems that the users will receive a better display. We don’t know what this actually means, but I doubt that Samsung will fit a full HD display on the Galaxy S3. In my opinion it wouldn’t be wise for them, as this move could affect Galaxy S4′s sales. On the other hand, the Galaxy S3 already boasts an amazing display, and I wonder how Samsung decided to improve it.
The wireless battery charging is one of the new features we could see on the new and upgraded Samsung Galaxy S3. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who could say no to something like this. It’s pretty cool to place your smartphone on a cushion or a plastic surface so it can be recharged without any cable touching it.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 might also include a higher capacity battery. Eldar Murtazin says it’s about a 2,400 mAh battery, compared to the 2,100 mAh unit of the current Galaxy S3. Anyway, the current Samsung flagship is already offering good battery life compared to the similar models on the market, but I am sure that the most of the users will appreciated a 14% higher battery.
A Samsung Galaxy S3 Plus or just the Samsung Galaxy S3 might hit the market synchronized with the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the phone maker might not bother to invest more in a powerful marketing campaign, given the success of the current smartphone.
The upgraded Samsung Galaxy S2 arrived a bit late, so, we hope that the rumors are true and the Galaxy S3 Plus will hit the market sooner than expected.



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