March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Benchmarked Again Ahead of the Launch Event

Samsung’s next flagship will be unveiled tomorrow in New York when all the fuss will finally be over, but rumors keep on coming and we can’t really ignore them because the specs of the device are far from being a certitude even with so little time remaining until the official Unpacked event.
There is a new Galaxy S4 report and I really wish that I could tell you the mystery has been solved, but that would be too good to be true. But let’s leave the latest report aside and try to remember what we know until now.
Right from the beginning, unlike other specs which seemed similar in all the benchmarks and rumors, the CPU of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been a much debated subject. When the first rumors started to appear on the internet, the Exynos 5 Octa was presented like a sure thing and seemed that there was no doubt that the device will sport an 8-core processor. Afterwards, there were some sources claiming that Samsung had experienced some problems in optimizing the new Exynos 5 processor, thus all the Galaxy S4 versions will come with chips developed by Qualcomm, namely the Snapdragon 600.
The latest reports seemed to confirm our initial supposition that there will be two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4, with the US model boasting the Snapdragon 600, while the international version being powered by the Exynos 5 Octa.
But wait until you heard this! A brand new AnTuTu benchmark has come out from nowhere, according to which there will be just one model of the phone that will sport both chips. So, we’re talking about some sort of hybrid here? Come on! No one with an average IQ would believe that.  There must be an error here, or the benchmark is a fake.
But let’s pretend that we are taking it serious for a moment. According to this “benchmark”, the model number of the Galaxy S4 is GT-I9505, which is the assumed LTE international variant. With that in mind, the device is supposed to be powered by the Exynos 5 processor. However, if we take a look at the screenshot, it says Qualcomm on all levels. So, the CPU is listed as a quad-core ARMv7 which is nothing surprising because the ARMv7 is the instruction set utilized on every Cortex A processor including Exynos 4 and 5, but also the Snapdragon series.
The problem is the GPU. Normally, the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 should include the PowerVR SGX 544 GPU, but the benchmark is listing it as Adreno 320, which belong to Qualcomm. Putting all the information into balance, it looks like this model is actually the US version of the Galaxy S4, the one packing the Snapdragon 600. Or maybe the CPU will be sported by both versions, but this is pretty hard to believe, which brings me to my previous conclusion: this benchmark is not the real deal because the model number doesn’t really belong in this picture.
After all, the source of the leak is anonymous, and can’t be entirely trusted. Plus, it doesn’t even match the previous benchmark, also coming from AnTuTu, so there is no use for further discussion. Just for the record, it does confirm that the Galaxy S4 will come with 2GB of RAM, the display will have a Full HD resolution and the primary camera will be a 13 MP one.



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