March 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Have A Plastic Case, Says Reliable Source

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launched on March 14th and as the date is approaching people get more eager to see what kind of hardware will be sported by the device. We’ve talked a lot about the handset’s processor and other specks, we even analyzed some benchmarks, and we know pretty much everything about the hardware, though no confirmation has been made by the company. The hardware is probably the most important aspect when you have to decide which smartphone to purchase, but there is another item that doesn’t have to be neglected, the materials from which the device is made of.
Most rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy S4 were about its CPU so far, and we don’t know much about how it will look like (apart from some reportedly leaked photos which proved to be fake). On most times, we hadn’t anything else to do but make guesses about the appearance of the phone.
In the mean time, nobody is talking about the smartphone’s build materials, though the company itself indicated that the case of the Galaxy S4 will be made of glossy plastic. The news isn’t great because there are enough plastic Samsung smartphones on the market and we don’t need another one, but we don’t have any other rumored option.
It seems that the Galaxy S4 is going to be made out of plastic after all because someone actually got his hands on the phone and confirmed the news. That special someone is Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger that offered as the release date of the Galaxy S4 in the first place. Even though we can’t confirm that Murtazin actually tells the truth, with his background in mind there is a pretty good chance that he’s telling the truth.
According to Murtazin, the company unveiled the plastic Samsung Galaxy S4 at the Mobile World Congress, but only to some chosen press members. This could only mean that the Russian blogger was one of the lucky press member who got invited. There were some reports claiming that Samsung showed of the device in the same way at CES. We didn’t believe the rumors at the time, but now it seems that it all checks out.
As I said, Murtazin was the first person who came out with March 14th as being the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which proved to be accurate. However, even if the record of leaking news is pretty clean, there were also some black spots in Murtazin’s agenda.
Coincidence or not, Murtazin got it wrong when he said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be made out of ceramic material, and it turned out that Samsung went with plastic all the way. Maybe, he will prove to be wrong this time also. I surely hope so, because let’s face it, a plastic smartphone doesn’t seem to appealing even if it packs the best hardware under the hood. To make a comparison, lets take the iPhone 5. To be honest, I’m not very fond of the products with the Apple brands. I think they are way overpriced and there is anything innovative about them. However, there is one thing that I like about the iPhone, the fact that they are made out of premium materials. So, Samsung needs to get rid of the cheap plastic and come up with something more elegant.
HTC is a company that has an attention for details. For instance, the HTC One is built out of premium aluminum. If Samsung will show us another plastic flagship, it will truly be a huge disappointment. Of course, there are all sorts of plastic materials, but a metallic case is always better than a plastic one.
Moving on to the CPU of the Galaxy S4, Murtazin claims that the smartphone will be launched in distinct versions, and one version will sport a Qualcomm processor. He didn’t mention if one any of the versions will pack the Exynos 5 Octa, though, but tomorrow is another day and maybe we’ll find out.



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