March 14, 2013

Unknown Motorola Smartphone Caught in the Wild, It’s Not the Google X Phone

Motorola Unannounced
X Phone, the super-smartphone that is supposed to be the fruit of the Google and Motorola collaboration, has made the headlines over the past couple of weeks, but even though almost all the tech publications are speculating about it, we have no concrete details about the Googorola terminal. Meanwhile, it seems that the influence of the new Motorola owner will be felt on the upcoming models of the American phone maker, in terms of design, hardware and software.
The search engine giant has previously said that about 18 month will have to pass until the newly acquired company will launch a smartphone that will be 100% designed by Google, but the prototype unveiled by a Vietnam-based website is giving us some clues about the direction Motorola will follow under the guidance of the Mountain View-based company.
The Motorola smartphone, with unknown name and technical specifications, is departing from the shapes and materials the American phone maker used over the past couple of years, but is somewhat closer with the recent Nexus models co-developed by Google and various smartphone and tablet manufacturers.
On the list of design changes you will spot on the mysterious Motorola smartphone you will find the curved shapes that are a reminiscent of the Google flagship smartphones, the use of an user interface which is pretty close to Android Vanilla, or the redesigned visual identification elements like the logo or the speaker grilles.
Even though there’s no confirmation for it, the terminal is reportedly boasting an AMOLED display with HD resolution, therefore there’s not chance it is the flagship smartphone of the upcoming Motorola family, but it’s nice to see that, at least in terms of design, it’s an evolution from RAZR HD or Droid RAZR M.
Are you even tempted by a Motorola-made smartphone that is looking like the one in the video below? Please let us know in the comments section.



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