May 25, 2013

Gmail, Drive and Google Plus Now Come with 15 GB of Shared Storage

Gmail, Drive, Google Plus Storage

Google I/O 2013 event will open its gates for the public tomorrow, but the company already started to announce some new changes. For those who use Gmail, Google Drive or Google Plus and the current storage limitations of each service were not satisfying, the news of the storage unification, is, undoubtedly, a good one.
So far, Gmail offered 10 GB of storage, while Google Drive and Google Plus shared another 5 GB of storage, the payed storage extension of them also coming with different limitations, 25 GB for the first service and 100 GB for the later ones.
Google announced that, from now on, all three services will use a shared storage space, as they will have a cumulated storage capacity, with a total that will start from 15 GB, for the free accounts.
The news will probably be welcomed by the users, no mater what Google services they are using. The Gmail users will receive a welcomed extra storage in case their Inbox is consistent, while the Drive or Google Plus users will be able to enjoy more storage in case they were only using a small amount of the storage that was allocated for Gmail.
Now, that Google unified the storage of Gmail, Drive and Google Plus, the minimum limit for paied extension which was 25 GB was ditched, the minimum paid storage being now of 100 GB. All these changes will become available in the coming weeks.



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