May 23, 2013

Google Glass to Get Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Tumblr Apps

Google Glass Social Apps

The Google Glass augmented reality smart glasses are on the verge of making a major jump in terms of functionality by receiving client apps that allow the users to post and interact within the social networking apps. In the first instance Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr will be the first social networks to receive integration.
The information unveiled in the Developing for Glass session at Google I/O is the equivalent of a vote of trust for the technologies developed by Google, given by the biggest players of the social networking business. According to Timothy Jordan, senior developer within the Google Glass project, the team he leads has started a close collaboration with the partners in the industry, in an attempt to discover new ways to provide the users with the best experience when it comes to using Google Glass.
Some of the apps that were already developed for Google Glass have been demoed during the Developing for Glass session at Google I/O, leaving time for discussion of best practices that should be followed by developers who want to create new applications Glass, in order to be capable of providing the end user with the best experience.
Among the new apps that were demoed at Google I/O, the Google Plus client is providing access to most of the functions of the social network, including the ability to participate to Hangouts sessions. The client app for the Facebook social network allows the users to upload pictures directly from the Google Glass, and share them with your friends.
There’s also an app for the CNN portal among the Google Glass novelties, which allows the user to subscribe to different news fluxes and adjust the time intervals on which the information is update, for example to avoid the times when they are usually asleep or concentrated on other important activities.



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