May 25, 2013

Google I/O 2013: Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition with Stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Out of the Box?


The Google I/O 2013 event will start in a few hours and we don’t know for sure what is actually going to happen, but some reports say that we might see an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean-powered Samsung Galaxy S4 at the San Francisco-based event. The company’s reps said that people should not expect to see a lot of new hardware and a new operating system. However, maybe Google intends to make everybody a surprise.
According to online tech publication Geek, the event will indeed offer us something that many have cried for, a Samsung flagship smartphone running stock Android. In other words, if the news is true then we’ll have the possibility to witness the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 running pure Android.
Of course, nothing is official yet, but the website that says it has “sources on hand at Google I/O” is known for its accurate reports, thus there is a pretty big chance that this is actually true.
Getting back to the device itself, it will reportedly be called Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition and won’t be any differences between it and the regular Galaxy S4 in terms of hardware. When it comes to software, on the other hand, it’s an entirely different story. It seems that the two companies have worked together and developed an AOSP (Android Open Source Project), which will be showed of at today’s event.
The report also offers us some availability details, and it looks like the Galaxy S4 Google Edition will be available for purchase as of Jun 2013 , and it will be sold by T-Mobile, at least at the beginning. One detail that the report does not mention is whether the handset will be sold through Google’s Play Store or though Samsung.
I don’t know what’s your opinion about the matter, but there are many smartphone owners who like the pure Android better than the version with the TouchWiz on top of it. Samsung’s user interface is not so popular among some Android fans because it comes along with lots of features that many people don’t even use. However, if this news legit, the users who hate the TouchWiz UI but want to take advantage of Samsung’s awesome hardware will be very happy. If not, all they have to do is have patience until the guys at CyanogenMod release a custom ROM for them.
In case the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition will be unveiled today, it will probably have a lot of success, and could actually open the door for many other devices whether they are built by Samsung or other phone makers. Actually, considering that the Galaxy S4 (which will probably the most sold smartphone in 2013) is getting an AOSP, then the stock Android is gathering more and more fans out there.
Also, the fact that the Galaxy S4 will be sold running stock Android will not only but Google in a good light, but the manufacturer itself will have a lot of benefits. Let’s not forget the customers, of course.
If you had to choose between a TouchWiz Galaxy S4 and a pure Android one, which you would you buy? We’ll be back with more details from the I/O event later today.



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