May 25, 2013

Google Play Game Services officially launched today at Google I/O 2013

Google Play Game Services is now live for all Android devices
Hugo Barra, VP at Google, announced today the official Google Play Game Services with cross-platform support. This is one of the most awaited new features from Google Play, a new feature that will help users connect and compete against each other while playing their favorite Android video games.
The new Google Play game services main features are as following: Cloud Save, Achievements, Leaderboards and Google+ Circles connectivity support between users. The Cloud Save function allows you to save the game progression and state to the cloud. Also, this data will be synced between all your owned Android devices, smartphones and tablets.
Achievements function will be used by the Game developers, as they will integrate new achievements that you can unlock and become the best, or at least the first, player to complete all stages. Leaderboards feature is also a great deal for Google, as this function allows users to see how they scored and outranked their Google+ friends.
Google+ Circles is the main feature of the Google Play Game Services, as it allows users to connect with their friends, family and any other user with a Google+ Account. With this function you can simply launch a video game on your Android device, hit the Multiplayer button and you will be taken to the Google Play Game Services invitation screen. Select the person/s you wish to compete against and then invite them to your newly created multiplayer game session. The invited person will receive a notification telling them that a ‘New Game Invitation’ has been issued and then you simply tap once to join the Host’s game. Obviously, you need to have the respective Android video game installed on your device.
It seems like the Google Play Game Services will be available for web browsers and iOS devices. At the moment, these are all the Google Play Game Services-related news coming from the Google I/O 2013 event. Tell us in comments if you’re eager to test this new Google feature and what other expectations you have from Google’s event.
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