May 25, 2013

Google to Launch Music Streaming Service at Google I/O 2013

Google Music Streaming
CNet writes that Google is on the verge of launching a new music streaming service, where the users will be able to listen to their favorite song from any device with access to internet based on a monthly subscription. The official announcement might come in just a couple of hours at Google I/O 2013 event.
As a preparation for the Google Music Steaming launch, the Mountain View-based company has already signed contracts with several important records like Warner Music, Universal Music, and Sony Music, in an attempt to proved an impressive collection of songs and albums that can be listened after you pay a monthly subscription.
Besides the new Google music streaming service which will go hand in hand with Google Play, we might also get a music service associated with YouTube, which can be accessed both from desktop PC and laptops, but also from tablets or smartphones.
Helped by the popularity of the YouTube brand, the new Google product might give a considerable boost to the online music market, which was last year responsible for only 10% of the total incomes from the sales of digital music.



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