May 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sold 5 Million Units in a Fortnight, Becomes the Fastest Selling Smartphone Ever

Samsung Galaxy S4

While we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is already the mot popular smartphone around, it seems that the device is going to exceed all expectations when it comes to sold units. If you are curious to know how the flagship is selling, stick around and you will find out.
It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to sell the most units this year, as one of the Samsung executives cited by Korean online publication Chosunilbo said that the smartphone will sell 10 million units this month only. If the 10 million milestone will be reached, the Galaxy S4 will become the fastest-selling smartphone of all times.
The executive added that just after the official release of the Galaxy S4, the company had shipped 4 million units to various mobile networks worldwide. The news is even bigger as the specified number of units were shipped in less than five days. Further, it the trend remains the same in terms of sales, the company expects so sell 10 million units by the end of this month. Samsung will manage to beat its own records when it comes to sold units, records which have been achieved with the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3, respectively.
The company has currently managed to sell more than 6 million Galaxy S4 units. With this in mind and the fact that the device hasn’t even become available in all markets, the 10 million sold units by the end of May. Actually, it’s quite doable considering that there are 16 days remaining.
Plus, rumor has it that Samsung will unveil a new version of the Galaxy S4 at today’s Google I/O event. It’s reportedly called Galaxy S4 Google Edition and will be running stock Android, just like the Galaxy Nexus.
Anyway, if things go well for Samsung, the South Korean company will have no problems in remaining the number 1 Android phone maker. I think that not even Apple will be able to compete with this kind of figures. Do tell us your opinion about the matter in the comments section below.



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