June 10, 2013

Google Keyboard Hits At Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Release

Google did not launch a new Android version at its I/O event, but the company definitely enjoys teasing us. The internet giant has been very busy over the past few weeks as it has been updating some of its most important applications in order to make them function more easily on all Android iterations. Google has made some improvements to services like Google Search, Gmail, Google Now, Google Music, Chrome web browser, and today it has made the Google Keyboard available on Google Play.
What I’m about to say next is a little bit out there, but it makes sense at the time. When Google updates an application on Google Play it usually specifies the Android OS version by setting the clock on the screenshots. For instance, if you take a look at the Google Maps application in the Play Store, you will notice that the screenshots that gives you a preview of the application have the time set as 4:10, in other words Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
Lately, Google has updates many of its applications and on the Play Store they all have the time set as 4:20, or Android 4.2. I’m talking about the latest version of Gmail, the new and improved calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, etc. All these apps have the clock listing 4:20. Of course, there are some apps that do not follow this trend like Google Music that shows 11:53, and Google Search that lists the clock as 4:00. However, the assumption is more than logical.
Now that you get the idea I think you understand where I’m going with this. As of today, Google has made the Google Keyboard available on the Play Store so that everyone with a compatible Android device will have the possibility to download and install it. What’s more interesting is that the clock on the screenshots is set as 4:30, which would mean Android 4.3. We all know that Android 4.3 has not been released, but what’s up with the screenshot? Maybe the Google reps are just messing with us, or maybe they are about to release a new version of Android OS, who knows.
In fact, Android 4.3 will probably be launched soon because it has been spotted in various server logs, and we even saw it on a Nexus 4. While we still don’t know when Google is going to release Android 4.3, rumor has it that it will be on June 10, though that seems pretty unlikely at this point. However, it would be fun to see a new Android OS version get release on the same day when Apple is going to hold its WWDC event.



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