June 6, 2013

Google Play Music Update Comes with Important UI Changes and Useful New Options

Google Play Music

Google has pushed a new round of updates for some of the applications in its portfolio, including Google Calendar, Gmail (update will arrive “in the next few weeks”) and Google Play Music. The Google Play Music update provides drastic improvements both in terms of user interface and new and useful options.
Google Play Music, the popular music streaming service developed by the Mountain View-based giant, and which provides well defined means to play music  from your library stored locally or in the cloud, has now reached version 5.0.1041J on the Android platform. The Google Play Music update comes to fix some of the aspects that caused a lot of frustration among the users.
As of now, the new Play Music interface received a lot of improvements and it should please most of the users. The interface received notable changes both for the portrait and landscape mode, making the Google Play Music app look a lot better than before.
Moreover, Google has integrated new options that allow the users to delete songs or share songs right from the Now Playing menu. A now option that allows you to delete objects from the My Library menu was also included and is among the most important changes brought to the Google Play Music app.
The latest version of Google Play Music as available for download for free in Play Store, but if you already own the app you should receive a notification saying that an update is available. If the update message didn’t appeared in the Notification Area yet, you can also manually check to see the whether the update is available for your Android device.
In order to manually check the Google Play Music update you must open Google Play store, hit the menu button (three dots software key in the upper right corner for the devices with no capacitive or physical buttons), the go to My Apps > Installed and tap on the Update button next to Google Play Music.
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