June 6, 2013

HTC One Max Phablet and Butterfly 2 Release Date Might Be H2 2013


According to an analyst’s research note to investors, HTC will have an increased profit in the second half of 2013 due to the fact that the company will launch two new flagship smartphones, namely the HTC One Max (also known as the HTC T6) and the HTC Butterfly 2, which are expected to be released later this year.
This is not the first report which claims that the Taiwan-based phone maker will release two brand new devices in the second half of the year, and the good new is that we finally know the product name of the T6. HTC One Max is a very well-chosen name as we expect that the device to be a larger variant of the HTC One. The handset will measure 5.9-inches and is probably meant to compete with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3.
According to J.P. Morgan Hong Kong’s Alvin Kwock, there are a lot of mobile operators interested in stocking the HTC One Max, which is mainly because the handset will be the only flagship sporting a uni-body casing back cover that will be launched in that period of time.
We don’t have the official specs of the HTC One Max yet, but rumor has it that the phablet will have a metal design, a 5.9-inch display, and it will be powered by a 2.2 GHz CPU. Also, it looks like the smartphone will be running the latest Android version. What’s interesting is that the version of the operating system is said as being Key Lime Pie, which means that Google will finally launch it by then.
Although we don’t have too much details, they are all matching the specs offered by the previous reports that talked about the HTC T6. However, they are not official and it’s not certain if they are the real deal or not, even if the source is an analyst.
Moving on to the HTC  Butterfly 2, the device is said to be stocked by more mobile operators than its predecessors. However, we have no information, whether it’s official or not, when it comes to its hardware.
Focus Taiwan claims that HTC is planning ti release two more smartphone in the third quarter of the year, and we are talking about the HTC One Mini and the HTC Butterfly S. Now there is a bit of a problem here. While we do not exclude the possibility that HTC launching two Butterfly smartphones, we believe that the HTC Butterfly 2 and the HTC Butterfly S are one and the same handset. Again, until we are offered with some official information, this is still a supposition.
So, Kwock has taken all these expectations into account and thinks that the company will have a 75 percent revenue growth in the second quarter, and the revenue will keep on growing in the third and forth quarters. If this happens then the HTC stock will be sold for around NT$390. At the moment, HTC stock is selling for around NT$287 in the region.
Until the company gives some official information we recommend you to take all this will a little bit of salt.
When we will have more details about the HTC One Max and the HTC Butterfly 2, well let you know. Until then, stay tuned!



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