June 6, 2013

Jay-Z to Sing $200 Deal with Samsung?


Everybody knows Jay-Z as being one of the best rappers in the US music industry. People appreciate him because of its long and successful career and because he is the man than promoted Beyonce. But lets let the celebrities and take care of our business. For many years, Jay-Z has been perceived as a person who uses BlackBerry devices. Moreover, in one of his older songs he refers to himself as a BlackBerry Bold. However, time changes and nowadays we have a new major player in the mobile world, namely Samsung. Now, Jay-Z  probably is the number one fan of the Galaxy S4.
Why is that, you might ask. It looks like the hip-hop legend is about to close a brand new deal with the South Korean manufacturer, which is rumored to be worth around $20 million.
According to The New York Post, Jay-Z is currently discussing a sponsorship contract with the most important Android phone maker, and it looks like the rapper will receive no less than $20 million. While we don’t know what the deal will involve exactly, but we expect Jay-Z to be using and showing off the Samsung Galaxy S4 or another Samsung device from now on.
If we are to believe the source cited by The New York Post, the negotiations between Jay-Z and Samsung will come to an end in the next few weeks, after which the contract will be signed.
The contract might also cover mentioning a Samsung device in his music, like he did with BlackBerry, or maybe Jay-Z will only become Samsung’s ambassador or something like that, in order to promote a few of the upcoming Samsung handsets. Either way, with this deal Samsung’s products will become even more popular, not that the company isn’t selling a lot of smartphones already. This is good publicity and also a win-win game for both parts. Samsung will gain a lot of advertisement and Jay-Z will make a lot of money.



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