June 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to Sport Intel Clover Trail+ CPU


Samsung is readying a change for the next-generation of Galaxy Tab 3 tablets reports showing that the South Korean company will ditch the chipsets based on ARM architecture over the x86 compatible solutions developed by Intel.
The information was revealed by the journalists at Reuters, quoting a trusted source. It seems that, besides Android, the new processors that will be fitted underneath the hood of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets will also be capable to run on other operating systems like Windows 8.
According to the quoted source, at least one of the new versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 tablets will be equipped with an Intel Atom processor, possibly belonging to the Clover Trail+ platform, that is already underpinning smartphones like ZTE Geek and Lenovo K900.
The Clover Trail+ platform integrates 3 models of dual-core processors with 32nm architecture (with HyperThreading), working at clock speeds of 1.2, 1.6, and 2.0 GHz. The graphical processing tasks are handled by a PowerVR SGX 544 MP2 unit, compatible with the OpenGL ES standard and capable of supporting display resolutions of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels.
The rumor was also confirmed by the Korea Times publication, writing that Samsung has increased the team of engineers that was currently optimizing the Intel Atom platform for the South Korean tablet maker to about 50 employees, compared to the 6 employees that were working in the team last year. According to the same publication, Samsung also seeks to reduce their dependency to its proprietary Exynos line-up of chipsets, which are available in insufficient stocks and at high prices.
Based cooperation and preferential pricing policy, the new partnership has advantages for both companies. Samsung will now have a new source to supply chipsets for its products, while Intel has the opportunity to extent their presence on the smartphones and tablets market by shipping a high volume of chipsets for the Android tablets of a manufacturer with reputation in the business.
We might hear more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets next week at Computex 2013, or the latest at the Samsung Premiere event scheduled for June 20th.



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