April 26, 2014

Cerberus Anti Theft App is Free Today to Celebrate It’s 3rd Birthday

Cerberus Anti Theft Security for Android available for free

Cerberus Anti Theft for Android is your best bet for keeping your device safe as it provides the perfect tools to SIM lock your phone,set alarms, remote lock and unlock, fast track for location, and more other great security features.
The app was free to install, but you had only seven days trial period and then you had to pay around $4 in order to be able to use all of its features and functions. But, today, the Cerberus Anti Theft app celebrates its 3rd birthday today and LSDroid has decided to offer licenses for free for the next 30 hours.
Cerberus Anti Theft is powerful and you will not regret installing it as it is capable of remote locking, remote picture taking, remote location tracking, send various alarms to your device, record audio, SIM lock, getting device info along with complete details for new SIM cards that are inserted into your phone without your permission, and others more.
Today the creators of this app have decided to give away licenses for free, the offer will expire tomorrow morning at 6 AM. Along with this offer Cerberus Anti Theft got updated to version 2.5 and it brings a brand new Radar Mode.
The new Radar Mode in Cerberus allows users to toggle the GPS hotspot for their lost/ stolen Android device. This will allow tracking down the device inside buildings as it is capable of guiding right to its precise location.
In order to get the app free you will have to go to CerberusApp.com website and create a new account today. After you manage to create the account you should go to Google Play Store and install the app on your Android device. It works with Android 2.2 and later.
Another great feature of this app is that the same account can be used on five different Android devices simultaneously.
After the app is installed on your phone you should use the account and log into it, then you can start customizing its features. In order to see if it works you need to go to cerberusapp.com, log into your account and test all of its functions and features.
Install Cerberus Anti Theft from Google Play Store.
Install Client Cerberus from Google Play Store. This tool allows you to send commands via SMS to another device that has Cerberus installed on it.



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