April 19, 2014

Facebook Nearby Friends feature coming to Android Soon

Facebook is preparing a new feature for its Android and iOS apps in order to improve the user experience on these two platforms. As we all know, the Facebook client for Android is now stable and with decent features and capabilities, though the first versions of the Facebook app were not actually proper for daily use. Anyway, now almost all the Android users are using Facebook on their smartphone or tablet, so a new feature is more than welcomed.
The new Facebook update for Android will bring Nearby Friends, which is a new feature that will be made available on your portable device. With Nearby Friends you will be able to stay in touch with your friends, family and with your close group even when you will travel or when you will be on vacation. In that matter, the new app will notify users when friends are within a certain radius, giving a chance to meet up. So, you will know when your friends will be near you and you will be able to set up a meeting with them.
Of course, due to security reasons, Nearby Friends can be used only with your close friends and groups and both users must have enabled the function in order to receive the notifications on their Android devices.
The feature will also let people see where others are traveling and the users will be able to choose in sharing precise location with individual friends for a specific period of time. For now, Facebook Nearby Friends is still in development stage but the new update will soon arrive on Android. You will be able to download the Facebook client and the new feature from Google Play for free. Stay close as we will update you with fresh info as soon as something new comes out.



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