April 26, 2014

Google Silently Releases Glass For Public, No Invitation Required

Google Glass

Update: Sorry folks, it was a false alarm. Google officially confirmed for Android Community that Glass is not available without an invitation, as the “link was created to accommodate potential Explorers who were still in the pipeline from last week’s sale.”
Our friends at Google Glass Geeks have discovered that as of today Google Glass is available for everyone and it doesn’t require an invitation anymore.
We’ve been able to order Glass today without an invitation and we believe Google will finally allow everyone to order it. They’ve promoted April 15th as the only day when everyone can order, but it seems like they’ve changed their mind in the meantime and they will probably keep them public.
Since April 15, Glass has been out of stock, but now all colors and accessories are available.
You should know that the old requirements are still present, so you have to be a US resident with an US address and over 18 years old.
Unfortunately the price is still $1,500 and it doesn’t seem to be going down very soon. Some rumors said that a new version will come later this year and it’ll carry a low price tag, but we don’t know what to believe yet.
Google Glass Order
This comes as great news after all the trouble Google caused with XE16 and XE16.1 that came with a lot of bugs and bricked some devices during the past weeks. Today they’ve also released XE16.11 and they’ve also announced that will change all bricked devices, proving once again that the Glass team offers amazing customer support.
If we find out more information about Google Glass, we’ll let you know. We believe it’s the future of Android, along with smart watches and we are in love with Google’s gadget.
In the meantime make sure to keep an eye on our friends over at Google Glass Geeks, as they are the best when it comes to Glass. You’ll find news, tutorials and reviews for everything Glass there.



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