May 31, 2014

AT&T Asus PadFone X Release Date and Price Officially Announced


The Asus PadFone X has been introduced during CES, but since then the company decided to keep its upcoming smartphone / tablet hybrid under the “upcoming” mirage. Of course we know for sure that the device will be released by AT&T, though an exact or even rumored release date was nowhere to find. Fotunately for US, AT&T just made an official statement that is offering further info related to the PadFone X release date, specs and pricing offers. So, if you want to learn more about this new handset, don’t hesitate and read the following lines.
As you might know, Asus with its PadFone line is providing a great Android based device, that can be easily used as a regular smartphone, or as a tablet – and now, by using dedicated accessories even as a laptop. The PadFone X is Asus latest accomplish, this handset coming with great specs and features and also with some new accessories that can improve the user experience, whether we are talking about a daily use, or about the business filed. So, if let’s say you can’t decide whether to buy a smartphone or a tablet, now you can choose both within the same device: the AT&T Asus PadFone X.
As I have already mentioned, AT&T provided the first official info related to the PadFone X future availability. Thus, the smartphone / tablet hybrid will be released in June, with pre-orders starting from June 6th. The exact launch date hasn’t been provided, only the pre-order event was mentioned, though the handset should be yours soon after June 6th.
In case you are thinking about price tags, you should know that AT&T will offer the Asus PadFone X for $199 on contract on a new two year commitment with the mentioned carrier. If you rather choose the of-contract variant then, the PadFone X will cost you $22.92 a month or $29.80 a month depending on if you go for an 18 or 12 month term with AT&T of course.
As a reminder, in case you are wondering, the Asus PadFone X specs and features are including a 5 inch display, 2 GB of RAM, a 2.3 GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 CPU, a 13 MP camera on the back, 16 GB of internal storage and PMA wireless charging support. On the other hand, you will be able to connect your smartphone to its dedicated dock which comes with an aditional 9 inch display and with a 4990 mAh battery. Of course, Android OS will be installed above all, the latest version of the firmware being pre-installed.
So, what do you say, will you pre-order your AT&T Asus PadFone X, or the idea of a smartphone / tablet hybrid isn’t for you? Do share your thoughts with us and with our readers by using the comments field from below and stay close as we will update you with fresh info as soon as something new comes out or gets leaked.



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