May 31, 2014

Best Android Music Players in 2014

An Android Music Player is probably one of the most used application for any user which is why we’ve decided to create a list containing some of the best tools for listening music.
In this post you will find various types of music players such as strictly players for music stored on your device as well as others who allow you to listen to radio or stream audio tracks from any artist all over the world. Note that all the applications we’ve listed in this post are available from Google Play Store.
Without any further ado you can continue to the list below where you will find basic info and a small review of some of the best Android music players for you to use this year.

Poweramp Music Player Trial or PRO Edition:

Poweramp Music Player
One of the most popular Android music players as well as one of the most reliable applications you could ever wish to have installed on your phone or tablet.
The Poweramp Music Players continues to be the best paid app in the Google Play Store years after its official release. It comes with the following features: gapless play, equalizer, crossfader, support for almost any type of audio format, 15 day free trial, stereo eXpansion, balance, mono mixing, replay gain, dynamic queue, lyrics support, .cue files are supported, configurable lock screen, custom themes support from Google Play Store, tag editor and more other great features.
The trial version of Poweramp Music Player can be installed from Google Play Store.
If you want to buy the app after the 15-day trial period is over, then you can get the PRO version from Google Play Store here.
Note that the application can be installed on all Android 2.1 and later OS versions.

Google Play Music:

Google Play Music
There wouldn’t be a ‘best Android music player’ article if the Google Play Music would be left out. Google’s own app for playing music is currently present on almost Android devices and we strongly recommend users who don’t have it installed to give it a try.
Google Play Music comes with support for for millions of songs directly from Google Play, radio stations and for playing music straight out of your device’s storage card. It comes with full support for All Access and it allows you to listed to your favorite music wherever you might be located, as the entire music collection is stored online.
The All Access other great features: support for creating custom radios out of your selected saved music, no radio skip limits, smart recommendations, no ads, choose from over 18 millions Google Play songs available for purchase, share function for Google+, and more.
The Google Play Music app can be downloaded from Google Play Store here.

Fusion Music Player for Android:

Fusion Music Player
Fusion app for listening music is great as it is free to use and it comes with a powerful music discovery tool that will allow you to find any music based on Album and Artist info, intuitive search mechanism, Lock Screen widget, shake and wave gesture support, cover art, artist images and biography updates, powerful equalizer, share to twitter and facebook, weekly online top charts, mp3 cutter, app2sd, notification bar widget, and more.
Another great thing about Fusion is that it comes with YouTube integration and it can be used to stream and download audio file from various public online sources.
My personal favorite feature of Fusion is that it allows you to create a ringtone while the song is playing. Simply swipe up the screen when your favorite song is on, then tap on the ‘scissors’ icon to start recording and then tap it again when you want to complete recording. Save the recording as a Ringtone and after that Fusion will ask if you want to set it as default ringtone or if you want to set it for a specific contact.
The app can be installed from Google Play Store here.
It can be installed on any Android 2.3.3 and later versions, it holds a 4.3 rating from over 34,000 voters and it has been downloaded over one million times already.

Rocket Player:

Rocket Player
Rocket music player is great and it packs support for personalizing its interface via themes, Chromecast music streaming is supported, 5 band graphic equalizer, browse, play and shuffle audio files by artists, albums, songs, folders, genres, videos, etc.
Rocket Player allows you to set sleep timers, control it from the lockscreen widget, set bookmarks for favorite podcasts, dynamic Live List, set and create new playlists right from the player window, apply batch operations, sync playlists and other contents to and from iTunes, sync the video play counts, and more.
This app is free to install and it can be used with all Android 2.1 and later versions.
Install the Rocket Player for Android from Google Play Store.


This is not a music player for contents that is stored on your device, but it is great source for good music that is added to one of the world’s largest online audio distribution website. This app is great if you want to discover new music from artists that aren’t well known or you can stick to popular artists that are uploading their creation to SoundCloud servers.
SoundCloud is great for users who want to listen to their favorite podcasts without any connectivity issues. You can use your Google+ or Facebook account info in order to connect with SoundCloud audio data and then start creating new playlists, add musicians to favorites, share music with your friends, discover new music tracks, new bands, new artists. Also, you can browse the trending music and audio feeds in order to stay updated with the latest releases.
This app allows you to create recordings if your own work, sounds that can be then shared via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. The recordings you will create will support geotags so that you will be able to add location info for each individual audio file. If you don’t usually store music files on your phone or tablet, then the SoundCloud app is the one for you to test right now.
Install SoundCloud for Android from Google Play Store here.
SoundCloud features millions of songs that are free to download and if you want to grab some of your favorite ones, then you can use the Downloader for SoundCloud app here.
Note that not all songs are available for download, as some of the most popular artists will ask for a small contribution when you’re trying to download their music.

Music Player by Mobile_V5:

Music Player by Mobile_V5
A simple and user friendly music playing tool for your device designed by Mobile_V5, the same guys that created one of the best Android Ringtone makers ever.
Music Player by Mobile_V5 comes with support for the following audio formats: MP3, Mp2, MP1, OTA, MP4, WAV, OGG, AAC, 3Gp, IT, XM, MTM, UMX and others more. It offers the possibility for you to browse and play music by artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, albums, album artists and several others. It packs a powerful equalizer that is offering you the possibility to tune up each song individually in order to make it sound best.
Other features: backgrounds skins, lyrics support, 3 different home screen widgets, notification status supported that displays album artwork, title and artist info, playing controls, different pre-set music tones that will allow you to change equalizer to normal, classic, dance, heavy, pop, jazz, rock, hip hop, etc.
Another great thing about this player is that it allows you to enable the SHAKE IT function. If you enable this feature then you will simply have to shake the device in order to make the player start playing the next or previous song.
Music Player by Mobile_V5 can be used on Android 2.2 and later for free.
Get the app from Google Play Store here.

PlayerPro Music Player:

PlayerPro Music Player
One of the best tools for Android 2.x-based phones, as it offers a reliable and smooth interface for these device to play your favorite songs without problems.
PlayerPro is not free to install as you will need to pay $3.95 in order to get it on your device. There is a trial version of PlayerPro, but it only allows you to use its functions for ten days and after that you will have to get the full version.
Features of PlayerPro: music player as well support for videos, automatic download for album artwork, artist and song info, customizable, grid or list layout view, read album and artist reviews, lyrics download support, tag editing, mixable audio effects, DSP Plugin, smart playlists, import and export music history, music folder selection, 2 lock screen widget layouts are available, 5 different home screen widgets, notification status support, scrobblers, sleep timer with fade out function, headset support, voice search is also supported, shake it function, and more.
This is a great tool and you can install install it on any Android 2.0 and later OS versions.
If you want to test the trial version of PlayerPro then you can get it from Google Play Store here.
If you want to get the PRO version then you will have to pay $3.95 from Google Play Store here.
These were all the music players that we had for you. If you can think of any other great apps capable of playing audio on Android, then you should let us know and we will upgrade the article.


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