September 8, 2015

Best Android Games of the Week: The Deer God, Gathering Sky, and more

Today you can find some of the best Android video games recently released through Google’s Play Store. All titles are purchasable, as we’ve avoided listing any “free” games, as those are packed with ads and in-app purchases that will mostly end up making things frustrating more than enjoyable .
The video games are listed randomly, so you can decide by yourself which ones to test on your device. Note that each game has a 2-hour refund window, so that you will be able to get your money back in case you don’t enjoy the stories within. Use the comments field to let us know about any other interesting Android games released recently.

David. – $0.99

David is a boss-rush action video game that will have you playing as David, a “hero” polygon that has to destroy all the monsters in order to keep the world safe from evil. Each level in this game has a different monster that you need to battle, but you should know that each new boss has a different set of skills you have to counter.
In David you should run, jump and use your slingshot in order to complete each level and finish the game. This game doesn’t feature the best of graphics, but you should still get a kick out all the geometric shapes that are thrown at you during each battle.
You can install David for all the Android 2.3 and later OS versions from here. Note that it comes free of any in-app purchases, but you will have to pay $0.99 in order to get it installed on your device.

The Deer God – $6.99

Rebuild 3 Game of Deadsville
This game starts with you as a hunter that dies in the first part of the game. After you die you will reincarnate as a deer (ironic, isn’t it?), as you will need to make everything you can in order to survive.
Crescent Moon Games studio has this title as a story about “survival, reincarnation, and karma”. It features beautiful 3D pixel art graphics with a random generated world. The game uses a night and day system, and tons of quests for you to complete in order to finish the story.
Here are some other interesting features that you will find in The Deer God: reincarnate into other creatures, loot for items, interact with different characters and animals, level ups, secrets, puzzles, and a beautiful storyline.
The Deer God is available for $6.99 from Google’s Play Store here. You can install it on all the Android 4.0 and later OS versions. Don’t worry about any in-app purchases nor ads, as this game won’t ask for any extra money in order to complete its story.

Gathering Sky – $2.99

Gathering Sky
Gathering Sky features a mesmerizing score created by the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco, birds that you need to control using the airstreams and gusts of wind, beautiful skies for you to look at and your birds to fly, and a peaceful gaming experience for you to enjoy when stressed or tired after a busy day.
This game is available from Google Play Store for all Android 4.1 and later OS versions here. You can i install the game after paying $2.99, but you will at least avoid seeing any in-app purchases or ads.

Rebuild 3: Game of Deadsville – $4.99

Rebuild 3 Game of Deadsville
R3 Game of Deadsville is probably one of the best strategy sim video game that has been recently made available for Android devices. The story in this game takes place years the apocalypse and your only purpose is to rebuild your city with the help of the remaining groups of survivors.
Create teams of survivors, each with its own set of skills, and try to complete the game while keeping away zombies and various epidemics that are thrown at your city from time to time. This game features a Campaign Mode, too, one in which you will be able to go from town to town to help rebuild the infrastructures. Note that each city you visit will be bigger than the last and the game difficulty will increase too.
Rebuild 3 is available for all Android 3.0 and later versions from Google Play Store here. It doesn’t contain any in-app purchases and it is free of extra ads, so you should be enjoying the whole story without having your game sessions interrupted by any exterior factors.



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